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Weekly tapping: Package to be adopted in full - Rubber Board
Kottayam, 13 June 2016

The Rubber Board advises the growers who adopt weekly tapping to follow the package of recommendations in full, so as to realize its full benefits.

When weekly tapping is done with stimulation, annual yield would be equal to or more than that in alternate day tapping. However, if the required gap of one week is not strictly adhered to, there are chances of substantial yield loss. It is to be ensured that 52 tapping days are there in a year while adopting weekly tapping. The day of tapping should be scheduled in advance. In a holding where tapping could not be done on a day owing to some inconvenience, it is to be done on the very next day. From the next week onwards, tapping on pre-fixed days should be regularly followed. If tapping in a week is skipped, i.e. when the gap between two tappings becomes two weeks, there will be considerable yield loss.

Moreover, in order to ensure 52 days of tapping in a year, rain guarding is inevitable. When tapping is done during rainy season, the tapping panel should be disinfected at weekly intervals. For this, a solution of 5 mg of the fungicide Mancozeb dissolved in 1 litre of water can be used.

In every tapping, a bark shaving of 2.5 mm thick should be removed. Tapping should be deep enough so as to reach up to 1 mm of the cambium surrounding the inner wood. Stimulant should be applied 72 hours before every fifth tapping day. For example, if the tapping is done on Tuesdays, stimulation is to be done on the Saturday preceding the fifth Tuesday.

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