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Manimalayar Rubbers and Kudumbasree to open agri-service centre
Manimalayar Rubbers Private Limited, a joint venture of the Rubber Board and Rubber Producersí Societies in collaboration with Kudumbasree opened an agricultural service centre named MANKA (Market-led Agribusiness Nurturing and Kudumbasree Agri-services) at Kaduthuruthy. The service centre was inaugurated by Mr. Mons Joseph, M.L.A. Smt. Mini Babu, President, Kaduthuruthy Grama Panchayath, presided over the function. The first work order was handed over to the centre by Mr. V.M. Paul, President, Kaduthuruthy Block Panchayath. Mr. Viju Chacko, Secretary-in- charge and Chairman of Manimalayar Rubbers inaugurated the sale of agricultural inputs through the outlet of service centre.

The collaborative attempts of Manimalayar Rubbers and Kudumbasree will help the members of the service centre to undertake all cultural operations in the agricultural secter. The skill development of the work force will be managed jointly by the Rubber Board and Manimalayar Rubbers. The agricultural inputs from the company also will be distributed through the service centre at concessional rate.

MANKA, the agri- service centre aims at scaling down of exploitation of service providers in the area of agriculture. The participation of women in the agricultural service sector would also help their empowerment. The service charges will be fixed on the basis of discussions with Kudumbasree, Rubber Prodocersí Societies and other similar organizations in the agricultural sector.

Many of the growers have started to give up regular cultural practices owing to acute labour shortage. The production and productivity in the agricultural sector are seen affected largely by this tendency. A service centre of this kind is considered a solution to overcome the situation.

Dr. B. Rajeevan (Managing Director, Manimalayar Rubbers), Smt. Sobhalakshmi (Co-ordinatior, District Kudumbasree Mission), Mr. Mathachan Punchathalakkal (Vice President, Grama Panchayath, Kaduthuruthy), Smt. Omana Vava (Chair-Person, Standing Committee for Development), Mr. Srinivas Koythanam (Chair-Person, Standing committee for Welfare), Smt. Mary Sebastian (Chair-Person, Standing committee for Health and Education), Mr. Mathew G. Muricken (Member, Grama Panchayath), Mr. C. Thomas (Deputy Rubber Production Commissioner), Smt. Hyma Babu (Ex. Officio Member, Kudumbasree), Mr. N.J. Jacob (President, Rubber Producersí Society, Kappumthala), Mr. Riyas (Assistant District Mission Co-ordinator), Mr. R. Sreedev(Assistant District Mission Co-ordinator), Mr. Sujith Karun (Secretary, Grama Panchayath, Kaduthuruthy), Mr. O.M. Mathai (Member Secretary, Grama Panchayath, Kaduthuruthy), Smt. Radhamani Prasad (Chair Person, C.D.S.) and Mr. Ravichandar (Field Officer, Rubber Board) spoke on the occasion.

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