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Rubber planting materials for distribution
Kottayam, 22 September 2015

As favourable climate is prevailing, rubber planting can be continued. Root trainer plants are available at reasonable rates from the Rubber Board’s central nursery at Karickattoor and regional nurseries at Kadackamon, Kanhikulam, Manjeri, Ulickal and Alakode.

The price is Rs.70 per root trainer plant. An amount of Rs.8 will be refunded on return of each root trainer cup.

For more details, contact Rubber Board Head Office (0481-2301231, Ext. 323); Central Nursery, Karickattoor (04828-245362), Regional Nursery, Kadackamon (0475-2222616), Regional Nursery, Kanhikulam( 0491-2522802), Regional Nursery, Manjeri (0483-2767026), Regional Nursery, Ulickal (0460-2230700) or Regional Nursery, Alakode (0460-2203037).

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