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RRII develops mini tractor mounted mist blower
10 July 2014

Rubber Research Institute of India (RRII) in collaboration with ASPEE group of companies and VST Tiller Tractors, Bengaluru has developed a mini tractor mounted mist blower. This is developed under the leadership of Dr. Jacob Mathew, Joint Director (Pathology) and Mr. Vijayan K., Junior Technical Officer of RRII.

The abnormal leaf fall disease of rubber caused by the fungus Phytophthora is controlled by spraying oil based copper oxychloride. Even though the sprayers which are being used now are effective, the labour cost is very high as this is being operated by 4-5 labourers. RRII in collaboration with ASPEE has developed a mist blower which is mounted on a small tractor of VST Tiller Tractors, Bengaluru. This tractor mounted mist blower can move at a speed of 2-3 km an hour in between rows in rubber plantations and can cover around 12-15 hectares a day. A 12 HP blower unit with single wheel gear box and centrifuge pump is attached to the tractor. The discharge rate of this mist blower is 1 lit/ minute. Leaf retention in the area sprayed with this is higher than that of conventional one. The mini tractor with the spraying unit has only about three feet width and so can easily move between two rows in rubber plantation. The effective fungicide delivery height by this mist blower is above 100 ft. This can be operated by a single person. The tractor is very stable and can climb somewhat steep terrains as it has four wheel driving facility. RRII is awaiting patent for this technology.

The tractor has the capacity to pull a trailer with 3 ton capacity and can also be coupled with a pump set and generator. The approximate cost of the unit, including the tractor is around Rs. 4.3 lakh.

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