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Quality of rubber planting materials should be ensured: Sheela Thomas

02 May 2014

Ensuring the quality of rubber planting materials is essential for the existence of rubber plantation industry, said Mrs. Sheela Thomas, Chairman, Rubber Board. She was inaugurating Rubber Board Promotional Campaign on the theme ‘Quality Planting Materials & Certification’ at Kottayam today. Though several high yielding varieties of rubber are available, it is essential to ensure the quality of planting materials to achieve high productivity in the long run. The Rubber Board intends to introduce a new system for quality certification of planting materials to ensure the availability of good planting materials. Initially the certification will be done in the nurseries owned by the Rubber Board. Private nurseries may adopt this later, Chairman added.

Dr. Thomas.J, Rubber Production Commissioner in his introductory talk said that specific guidelines were framed for certification of nurseries.

Mrs. Sheela Thomas released a book ‘Good Nursery Practices’ published by the Rubber Board, by giving the first copy to Adv. Siby J Monippally, Former Rubber Board Member.

Adv. Siby J Monippally, Mr. C.F. Santhosh Kumar (Dy. Director, National Horticulture Board), Mr. Binny Mathew Chockattu (President, Aiymcombu Rubber Producers’ Society) and Mr. Josekutty Thulumpanmakkel (Secretary, All Kerala Rubber Nursery Association) spoke on the occasion. Mr. D. Anil Kumar (Jt. Rubber Production Commissioner) welcomed the gathering and Mr. K. Mukundan (Jt. Rubber Production Commissioner) proposed a vote of thanks.

Campaign meetings are to be held throughout the traditional rubber areas of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala from 02 May 2014 to 13 June 2014. During the period Board’s extension officers will meet one lakh small growers.

Production and productivity of rubber depends mainly on the planting materials. For obtaining quality planting materials, quality should be ensured during seed collection, bed preparation, budding, seedling preparation, transportation, etc. Of the 1.25 crore planting materials required every year, the Rubber Board is able to supply only 12-15 lakh plants. Balance requirement is met by the private nurseries. Though the Rubber Board has given guidelines regarding the production of quality planting materials, it has to be ensured whether these guidelines are being followed by the nurseries. Rubber growers should also know the certification-auditing procedures to ensure quality planting materials. Rubber Board is organizing promotion campaign meetings in association with Rubber Producers’ Societies and Self Help Groups to create awareness among growers in these matters. Other topics beneficial to rubber growers will also be discussed in the meetings.


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