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BIS certification beneficial to licensees:Sheela Thomas
25 March 2014

The growing domestic and international markets demand for quality products and BIS certification assures quality of products, said Mrs. Sheela Thomas, Chairman, Rubber Board. She was inaugurating a meeting of the BIS licensees of Natural Rubber (NR) processing units organized by BIS, Kerala Region in association with the Rubber Board at Rubber Research Institute of India (RRII), Kottayam. Mr. Varghese Joy, Head, BIS, Kerala Region said in his introductory speech that BIS has simplified the process involved in certification and the procedures could be completed in a short period. Mr. N. Rajagopal (Director, P&PD) proposed a vote of thanks.
Presentations were made by Mr. Rakesh Tanneeru, Scientist, BIS and P. Arumugham, Specification Officer, Rubber Board in the technical session. A separate meeting has also been conducted for NR processors, who have not taken BIS licence.
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the national standards body of India, is a statutory organization under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act 1986. BIS signed an agreement with the Rubber Board in 1999 and the two organizations have been jointly carrying out the certification of concentrated latex as per IS 5430 and Block Rubber as per IS 4588. The processing units covered under the certification are working under a well-defined scheme of testing and inspection to ensure that the product conforms to standards.

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