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RRII Observes Foundation Day
04 October 2013
Rubber Research Institute of India (RRII) observed its Foundation Day to commemorate the official transfer of its present premises then known as ‘Kothapara’ to the Rubber Board by the Travancore-Cochin government to start an experiment station and a research institute on 5 October 1955. Over the years, RRII has grown into a premier research institute of international repute making the Indian natural rubber sector the most productive in the world.
The Foundation Day lecture was delivered by Dr. A.V Jose, Former Head, Education Programme of the ILO, International Institute for Labour Studies, Genewa on the subject ‘Real Wages in Rural India’. He said that development in India can be had only through sustained increase in real wages of the lower end of the society. He also said that the disparity in wages for men and women is not justifiable and the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) has helped a great extent to assure equal wages to men and women and has attracted a large number of women work force.
The lecture was based on ongoing study on agricultural wages in Indian States, using data generated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. The focus is on how to explain spatial and temporal variations of nominal and real wages, gender-wise, over a period from 1970-1971 to 2010-2011 in all major states of India.
Dr. James Jacob, Director, RRII, welcomed the gathering.

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