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NR production likely to lower than expected - Sheela Thomas
11 September 2013

The natural rubber (NR) production in the country during the current fiscal (2013-2014) is likely to be lower than what was projected earlier, said Smt. Sheela Thomas, Chairman, Rubber Board. She was delivering the presidential address in the 172nd meeting of the Rubber Board held at Kottayam today. Intensive rain and the widespread incidence of abnormal leaf fall are the reasons for decline in production. However, the increase in tapped area from 504,000 ha in 2012-2013 to 518,000 ha in 2013-14 and the higher level of moisture content in the soil may increase the production in the coming months. The projected closing stock of NR in 2013 -14 is 270,000 tonnes, said the Chairman.
Domestic production of NR during April - August 2013 is 265,000 tonnes. Consumption during this period was 408,805 tonnes. Consumption of NR for the year 2013-14 is projected at 945,000 tonnes. Import and export of NR during April to August 2013 were 128,465 and 2319 tonnes respectively.
As per the report from International Rubber Study Group (IRSG), the world production of NR during April to August declined by 0.9 per cent owing mainly to adverse weather conditions. The growth in NR consumption during the period was minimal at 1.1 per cent. World economy is beset with challenges of economic recession and geopolitical concerns. The present situation indicates that the NR market is likely to remain volatile, Chairman added.
The Board evaluated the activities since the last meeting in Guwahati in April 2013. The Board discussed about the control to be exercised for assuring the quality of rubber planting materials
The meeting mourned the demise of Adv. T.V. Abraham and Prof. K.K. Abraham, members of the Board.

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