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Delegation from Vietnam visits Rubber Board
18 July 2013

A ten member delegation from Vietnam Rubber Association (VRA) visited the Rubber Board to study the activity and the organizational structure of the Rubber Board and the management of natural rubber quality in India. The delegation was headed by Mr. Tran Ngoc Thuan, Chairman of VRA and Director General of Vietnam Rubber Group. The other members were Mr. Vo Hoang An (Secretary General, VRA), Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh (Director General, Binh Thuan Rubber Company Ltd), Mrs. Nguyen Thi Gai (Director General, Dong Nai Rubber Corporation), Mr. Le Kha Liem (Director General, Kon Tum Rubber Company Ltd), Mr. Le Dinh Buu (Director General, Mang Yang Rubber Company Ltd), Mr. Le Van Chanh (Director General Tay Ninh Rubber Joint Stock Company) and Dr. Lai Van Lam (Director of Technical Management, Vietnam Rubber Group and former Director, Rubber Research Institute of Vietnam). The team was accompanied by senior staff members of VRA, Ms. Phan Tran Hong Van and Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Thuy.
The team visited Rubber Research Institute of India, Model TSR factory and Indiawood factory run by the Board.
VRA is a voluntary and non-profit organization of enterprises, organizations and individuals operating in Vietnam rubber industry or sectors related to Vietnam rubber industry, to assist its members’ business activities, protect their legal rights and contribute to the sustainable development of the whole rubber industry. It is a legal entity representing Vietnam rubber industry in participating, negotiating and signing cooperation agreement with rubber organizations worldwide under the Government’s approval. It also proposes strategies and policies to governmental agencies to safeguard and promote business in rubber industry.
The Association has been operating since the end of 2004. Now it has 142 members including state-owned, private, joint-venture and foreign capital enterprises/organisations, comprising producers, processors, manufacturers, traders, exporters, importers, financial organisations, research institutions, training establishments and services related to the Vietnam rubber industry.
In December 2006, VRA initiated the establishment of the Vietnam Rubber Export Insurance Fund. Voluntary members contribute up to 1% of their NR export turnover to this Fund that would be a timely financial support in case NR export prices fall below production cost or any member’s production is affected by natural calamity. The fund also supports trade promotion for members and VRA’s development activities.
Mrs. Sheela Thomas, Chairman, Rubber Board recieved the delegation at Rubber Research Institute of India. Dr. Thomas. J (Rubber Production Commissioner), Mr. Viju Chacko (Director, Finance), Dr. Kuruvilla Jacob (Director, Training), Mr. S. Mohanachandran Nair (Director, P&PD), Mr. C.C. Chacko (Director – L&ED), Mr. Ramesh B Nair (Jt. Director, S&P), Mr. N. Rajagopal (Jt. Director, Factory Management), Dr. Binoi K Kurian (Dy. Director, Marketing), Mr. Toms Joseph (Dy. Director – Economic Research), Mr. MG Sathees Chandran Nair (Dy. Director – P&PR) and other senior officers were present in the discussion.

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