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Culmination of Silver Jubilee celebrations of Rubber Producers Societies
11 July 2013

Silver Jubilee Celebrations organized by the Rubber Board in connection with the formation of Rubber Producers Societies is coming to an end. Sri.K.M.Mani, Hon. Minister for Finance, Govt. of Kerala will inaugurate the concluding programme at Mammen Mapillai Hall, Kottayam on 19 July 2013 at 3.00 pm.
Dr. Thomas. J., Rubber Production Commissioner will deliver a talk on ‘RPS in 25 years’. Board members Sri. Jose K Mani M.P., Sri. K.N. Balagopal M.P., Sri. Joseph Vazhakkan M.L.A., Sri. C. Ananthakrishnan, Vice Chairman (Rubber Board) and Adv. Suresh Koshi will speak on the occasion.
The meeting will honour the innovators who designed prototypes of mechanized tapping devices. Dr. James Jacob, Director, Rubber Research Institute of India will present the theme.
The workshop for Extension Officers of the Board to be conducted in the forenoon will be inaugurated by Smt. Sheela Thomas, Chairman, Rubber Board. The workshop will discuss various techniques involved in Extension Management. Smt. K.B.Valsalakumari, Executive Director, Kudumbasree will be the chief guest. Shri. Mani V Paul (Kerala State Productivity Council) and Shri. Shamim Rafeek (Chief Facilitator, ‘Winner in You’) will handle the classes on the subject.
The Board has initiated the formation of the RPSs with a view to empowering the small growers who dominate India’s rubber plantation sector. There are around 2500 societies in the country .The RPSs have played a significant role in ensuring timely supply of good quality agricultural inputs and planting materials to the small growers. They also promote scientific cultural practices, group processing and trading to make the small grower self-reliant. The Rubber Board is giving all necessary guidance for the functioning of RPSs. The year long celebration was to create further awareness among the small growers on the relevance and importance of RPSs.

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