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Rubber Board and RSDC sign MOU on skill development
10 May 2013

Rubber Skill Development Centre (RSDC), the sector Skills Council for the rubber industry signed a memorandum of understanding with Rubber Board to collaborate in skill development and developing quality training standards for natural rubber plantation segment. The MOU was signed by the chairman of Rubber Board, Smt. Sheela Thomas and Chairman of RSDC, Sri. Vinod Simon.
Under the agreement, parties will take initiatives for research and development and capacity building to positively impact productivity in the natural rubber segment. The main aim of RSDC is skill development for rubber industry to develop the skills foundation to increase both the quantity and quality of skilled workforce in the industry. Inadequately educated or unskilled workforce keeps industry in a circle of low productivity and low profit. Skills development is essential to improve productivity which in turn, improves the production and growth.
Smt. Sheela Thomas, Chairman Rubber Board said “I welcome this collaboration between Rubber Board and RSDC. Such collaboration is of great benefit to the entire sector in building quality trained workforces”.
"This MOU is a milestone for RSDC; this will not only augment the existing relationship between rubber industry, plantation sector and RSDC but will also help provide certified and trained manpower to the entire rubber sector. " said Sri. Vinod Simon, Chairman RSDC.
National Skill Development Corporation has a mandate to involve the private sector in training and has formed Sector Skills Councils in association with specific industries. Rubber Skill Development Centre (RSDC) is one such Sector Skill Council for the rubber sector set up by All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA) & Automotive Tyre Manufacturers’ Association (ATMA) in Collaboration with NSDC which is focusing on skill development & training needs of the sector. RSDC’s key objectives are conducting research, quality assurance and improving delivery mechanism for skilling and up-skilling professionals in the rubber sector.
RSDC has already commenced various research and development activities for the manufacturers of the rubber industry in order to reduce the skill gaps and match the skill requirement of the industry.

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