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Malayalam ignored by Malayalis- Rose Mary

30 April 2013

The present generation is conveniently ignoring our mother tongue and becoming Anglophiles, poet Smt. Rose Mary said. She was inaugurating the Official Language Conference of the Rubber Board, here.
Even while following the three language policy, we are not giving due consideration to Malayalam. Ignoring regional languages would create a dent in our cultural values, she said. Folk stories and songs are also not being passed on to the younger generation, because they do not have opportunities for interaction with their grandparents. Our attitude to the mother tongue is also reflected in our treatment of our elders. In today’s busy world, people do not have time to take care of every their parents, which is a pathetic situation.
Smt. Sheela Thomas, Chairman, Rubber Board who presided over the meeting said that the Rubber Board is committed to implementing the official language policy of the government, and to make its use in Board’s offices more efficient.

Prizes to winners of all India Hindi essay writing competition and various other competitions conducted during the Hindi fortnight celebrations were distributed on the occasion. Sri. Viju Chacko, Director (Finance) and Sri. G. Sunil Kumar (Hindi Officer) spoke. Dr. James Jacob, Director (Research) and Dr. Kuruvilla Jacob, Director (Training) also participated.


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