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Rubber Board Assistance for Infrastructure Development
9 January 2013

The Rubber Board gives financial assistance to the Rubber Producersí Societies (RPSs) and Self Help Groups (SHGs) to develop various primary infrastructure facilities for the strengthening of smallholder sector. The scheme is aimed at the productivity enhancement and quality upgradation of produce in the small holding sector. The Board has an outlay of Rs.25 lakh for this purpose during the current fiscal.
The assistance for setting up of input distribution centre is 50 per cent of actual rent of the building (maximum Rs.500/- per month). The RPSs and SHGs will also be provided with a portion of their expense for setting up of common service centre, rubber nursery and labour bank.
The scheme has also provisions to support RPSs for pollution control and environment protection measures in their community processing centres. Such RPSs will be assisted with 50 per cent of the actual expenditure or maximum Rs. One lakh, whichever is less for setting up a new effluent treatment plant.
The financial assistance is also available for cover crop seed collection, plant protection measures, rain guarding and group management of small rubber holdings.
Details are available from the regional / field stations of the Board.

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