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Booking started for root trainer rubber plants
Kottayam February 2018

Growers who propose to do rubber planting in 2018 can now book root trainer plants from the Rubber Board. Root trainer plants of clones RRII 105, 414, 417, 422 and 430 will be available at from Board’s Central Nursery at Karickattoor and regional nurseries at Kadackamon (Punalur), Kanhikulam (Palakkad), Manjeri, Ulickal (Sreekantapuram) and Alakode (Taliparamba) during the next planting season. The price is Rs.90/- for Root trainer, Poly bag is Rs.70/- and Budded Stumps is for Rs.30/-. An amount of Rs.7/- will be refunded on return of each root trainer cup.

For more details, contact Rubber Board Head Office (0481-2301231, Ext. 323), Central Nursery, Karickattoor (04828-245362), Regional offices at Punalur (0475-2222616), Palakkad (0491-2522802), Manjeri (0483-2767026), Sreekandapuram (0460-2230700) or Taliparamba (0460-2203037).

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