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Board owned company exports NR to Brazil
M/s Manimalayar Rubbers Pvt Ltd., a company jointly owned by the Rubber Board and Rubber Producers Societies (RPSs) exported 19 MT natural rubber (RSS IX) to Brazil, the country where natural rubber originated. The purchase was made by M/s Indústria de artefatos de borracha.
Manimalayar Rubbers procured quality sheet rubber from Aimkombu, Neelur, Kurinji and Elangulam North RPSs in Kottayam. The rubber was exported after quality check by the Rubber Board and under the brand ‘Indian Natural Rubber’.

Dr. B Rajeevan, Managing Director, Manimalayar Rubbers Ltd, said that the company is making a foray into the export market, in accordance with the Rubber Board’s view that export of NR is essential to create positive movements in the domestic market.

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