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Board introduces a new system of rubber tapping
The Rubber Board has developed a new system of tapping in which tapping can be done on only one fourth circumference of the tree, instead of the present half spiral. By adopting this new system, a tapper can tap more number of trees as the length of tapping panel is reduced by half of the normal. Rubber growers can contact the Board Call Centre to know more about this system. Dr. K.U. Thomas, Joint Director, Rubber Research Institute of India who has led the research in this for the last 15 years will answer the queries. Call centre number is 0481 2576622.

The present general recommendation of the Board is to tap on half circumference of the tree which can be started when the tree attains a girth of 50 cm. Rubber plants attain this girth in seven years after planting. After initiation of tapping, the rate of growth is reduced to 2 cm in a year, even in the holdings where tapping is good. However in the new system of tapping where one fourth circumference of the tree is tapped and once in three days tapping is practised, growth is not affected. Yield stimulant (ethaphone) should be applied at 2.5 per cent concentration six times a year, so that no drop in yield is experienced.

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