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Scheme for block rubber production from fresh cup lump
Kottayam 07 October 2016

Govt. of India has sanctioned a scheme amounting to Rs. 25.74 crore to Rubber Board, towards a pilot project for promoting processing of block rubber form fresh cup lump. The scheme will be implemented through three block rubber processing factories, M/s Kavanar Latex Ltd, Palai, Indiar Crumb Rubber Factory (Pala Marketing Society) and Rubber Mark Crumb Rubber Factory, Chenappady, Kanjirappally.

Under the scheme, growers will be eligible for an incentive of Rs.10, per kilogram of dry rubber content(DRC) of the cup lump supplied to these processing factories directly or through Rubber Producers’ Societies (RPSs). The RPSs as well as the processing factories are eligible for an incentive of Rs.2 per kilogram of DRC of the cup lump collected. RPSs will also be eligible for an assistance limited to Rs.3 lakh towards establishing storage and handling facilities, set up according to the prescribed standards. The scheme will be implemented during the next two years. Financial assistance will be released as Direct Beneficiary Transfer and will be credited to the beneficiaries account.

Registration is to be done through RPSs. Growers can download the application from Rubber Board’s website ( After registering through RPSs, growers can sell cup lump directly or through RPSs to the processing factories. Those who have already registered under the Rubber Production Incentive Scheme (RPIS) can use the existing register number. Other growers will be given new registration number by the Board.

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