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Pradhan Mantri Kousal Vikas Yojana in rubber sector
Kottayam 06 October 2016

Govt. of India has given approval for a Scheme, under the ‘Pradhan Mantri Kausal Vikas Yojana’(PMKVY), for the skill development in small rubber holders’ sector. The Rubber Board will implement the scheme with the active cooperation of National Skill Development Corporation and Rubber Skill Development Council. The Board has submitted a scheme with a financial outlay of Rs.15 Crores for imparting skill development training for 16500 labourers in Kerala and Tripura States, now working in the rubber harvesting and processing sector. As a first phase of this scheme, an amount of Rs 2.8 crore has been allotted for the training of 10000 tappers in the small holder sector in Kerala.

Studies revealed that production of rubber and income of farmers came down owing to the shortage of skilled tappers. The Scheme will be implemented in the state with the participation of Rubber Producer’s Societies. 150 centres under the jurisdiction of 26 regional offices of the Board have already been identified for the purpose. The training process will start in the second week of October and will continue upto 2017 January. Skill development training for three days will be given to those who have prior experience in tapping and processing. Each batch will be comprised of 30 trainees.

Employing unskilled labourers for tapping will result in yield decrease and reduction in economic life of rubber trees. Many holdings were left untapped in the State owing to the shortage of skilled tappers. Quality improvement of the primary produce is essential in increasing the income of the growers and keeping the sector sustainable. Moreover, availability of skilled tappers are essential in the effective implementation of modern tapping techniques like weekly tapping, controlled upward tapping etc. The trained tappers can become part of the Tapper Bank Scheme, the new concept of the Board to overcome the shortage of skilled tappers in the sector.

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