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Rubber Board to take steps to improve quality of sheet rubber
Kottayam 19 September 2016

The Rubber Board is initiating steps to ensure the quality of sheet rubber produced by rubber growers and its conformity to international grading standards. These steps are being taken as complaints are received from certain quarters about poor quality of sheet rubber available in the market and to ensure qualitywise price to the growers for their produce.

To improve grading standards, regional training programmes will be arranged for rubber dealers and their graders from this month onwards under the direct supervision and guidance of Director (Processing & Product Development), Rubber Board. Different standard grades of rubber sheets will be exhibited in these training programmes for familiarization. The Board is also planning to study the shortcomings in the grading system and arrangements will be made to rectify them. Quality awareness programmes for rubber growers will be arranged under all regional offices in Kerala, and Marthandom region in Kanyakumari district. The Board also proposes to convene a meeting of rubber traders and manufacturers to discuss the matter.

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