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    TE 01 - Training for Officers on Management Skills
    TE 02 - Training for Assistants and Stenographers
    TE 03 - Training for Section Officers
    TE 04 - Training on Financial and Service Rules
    TE 05 - Basic Training on Computer Applications(Need based)
    TE 06 - Refresher Training on Computer Applications
    TE 07 - Training for Canteen Staff
    TE 08 - Training for Drivers
    TE 09 - Training for Farm Assistants/Farm Officers/Farm Managers on Rubber Cultivation and Management
    TE 10 - Training for Farm workers
    TE 11- Advanced Training on Extension Management
    TE 12- Induction Training for Field Officers (Need based)
    TE 13- Training on Project Planning, Research Methodology and Data Analysis
    TE 14 - Training on Yoga,Meditation and Health Care
    TE 15 - Personal Growth Workshop for Scientists (Need Based)
    TE 16- Induction Training for Staff on Recruitment (Need based)
    TE 17 - Refresher Training for JRTTO/RTD
    TE 18- Training on Management of Corynespora Leaf disease
    TE 19 - Training on Competence Development in Technical Service Delivery
    TE 20 - Training for Finance Officers
    TE 21 - Training on Planning for Retirement
    TE 22 - Training for Excise Duty Inspectors
    TE 23 Refresher Training for Survey Staff / Office