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    GT 01 - Training on Beekeeping in Rubber Plantations
    GT 02 - Training on Mushroom Culture
    GT 03 - Training on Spraying and Maintenance of Sprayers
    GT 04 - Training on Bio Gas Generation from Effluents
    GT 05 - Training on Latex Harvest Technology
    GT 06 - Training on Nursery Management
    GT 07 - Training on Pests and Disease Control
    GT 08 - Training on Budding Techniques
    GT 09 - Training on Modern Clones and Clone identification
    GT 10 - Training on Rubber Wood Based Furniture Making (Need based)
    GT 11 - Training on Root Trainer Plants
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    GT 13 - Training on Soil and Water Conservation in Rubber Plantations (Need Based)
    GT 14 - Training on Rainguarding
    GT 15 - Training on Low Frequency and Controlled Upward tapping
    GT 16 - Training on Manuring in Rubber
    GT 17 - Training on Lining, Pitting, Terracing and Planting
    GT 18 - Training on Intercropping in Rubber
    GT 19 - Training on Planting and UP-Keep
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