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    RC 01- Short term Training on Rubber Cultivation for Small Growers (In Malayalam)
    RC 02 - Short term Training on Rubber Cultivation for Estate Sector
    RC 03 - Short Term Trg on Rubber Cultivation for Growers From North East and Non Traditional Regions (Need based)
    RC 04 - Advanced Trg on Rubber Cultivation and Rubber Plantation Mgmt (Need based)
    RC 05- Specialised Training on Rubber Plantation Management (Need based)
    RC 06 - Training on rubber cult. for Govt. official/Agr. ofiicials
    RC 07 - Training on Rubber Cultivation for Government Officials/Agricultural Officers of Non-Traditional regions
    RC 08- Specialized training on testing of soil
    RC 09- Specialized Training on testing of organic
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