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Rubber Training Institute


Certified by Bureau of Indian Standards)

Rubber Training Institute,
Department of Training,
Rubber Board PO, Kottayam-9, Kerala, India.
Pin: 686 009.
Phone: 91-481-2353127, 2353168, 2351313,2353325, 2353201
Fax: 91-481-2353187
Contact Person: Director (Training)

The Rubber Training Institute is functioning under the Department of Training, Rubber Board, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. The Rubber Board is a statutory body established by the Government of India under the Rubber Act (1947) to Promote development of the Indian Rubber Industry which consists of rubber plantation, processing and product manufacture sectors. The Rubber Act envisages training as one of the most important functions of the Rubber Board and to accomplish that, the Board constituted the Training Department in 1994. The Rubber Training Institute was established under the Department of Training at Kottayam, Kerala State in 2000 to gear up training programmes.

The Rubber Board through its R&D activities has been developing expertise on all aspects of rubber cultivation, processing and product manufacture since its inception. The consistent efforts made to improve on-farm and shop-floor technology besides supporting the rubber sector have provided the Board with confidence to train the personnel involved in the up and down stream activities of the industry on scientific techniques to achieve cost and quality competitiveness. The new technology is delivered to the clientele through the Rubber Training Institute (RTI).

The Rubber Training Institute aims at meeting the training needs of all sectors of the rubber industry to make skilled man power available. The Institute conducts more than 50 short-term training programmes, the details of which are given in this site. Specially designed follow up training programmes in specific areas are also arranged as per demand. Besides addressing the domestic training needs, it also offers international training programmes on rubber cultivation, plantation management, rubber processing, product development and quality control. The Rubber Training Institute is an ISO 9001:2008 certified training institution devoted to human resource development for the rubber industry.

The RTI is located close to the Rubber Research Institute of India at Puthuppally, 8 km to east of Kottayam in Kerala State. The nearest airport is at Cochi, 80 km to the north and railway station is at Kottayam. The road approach is by the NH 220, Kottayam Kumali Road.

The Rubber Training Institute has state-of-the-art facilities including air-conditioned training halls, training laboratories, well-stocked library, museum, computer centre, auditorium, neatly furnished hostel with ordinary and air-conditioned rooms, canteen, recreational facilities, physical fitness centre, all set in a beautiful building (3710 sq m floor area) with a landscaped garden. The Training Institute also utilizes the excellent laboratory facilities of the Rubber Research Institute of India. The campus is nestled in a quiet valley away from traffic and noise, an ideal location for learning.

The RTI has four divisions viz. Rubber Plantation Development Training,Rubber Industry Development Training,Rubber Extension Development Training and Human Resource Development Training.

The Rubber Training Institute also conducts training programmes in collaboration with other institutions like Cochin University of Science and Technology and Indian Rubber Institute, Kolkata


Smt.P. Sudha
M.Tech (Polymer)
Thirty one years of research  and development experience in rubber
Co-ordinated CFC funded International Training
Programmes on Corynespora Leaf Disease of  rubber. 

Deputy Director, Rubber Plantation Development Training
M.Sc. (Agriculture), Ph.D. (Genetics & Plant Breeding)
Twenty five years of research experience in crop improvement/ HRD activities in rubber.                                  

Deputy Rubber Production Commissioner

Msc. (Botony),PG Diploma in Natural Rubber Production
Thirty three years of experience in Rubber Plantation Development and Extension                        

Subject Matter Specialist(Rubber Tech.)
B.Tech. (Polymer Science & Rubber Technology), M.Tech. (Polymer Technology)
Twenty two years of experience in applied R&D and consultancy activities in Rubber Processing and Technology

The Institute aims to achieve the following objectives.
*  Update the technical and managerial competitiveness of rubber growers and rubber plantation workers
 *  Impart suitable training to rubber processors and rubber products manufacturers so as to achieve better quality and competitiveness.
 *  Update the technical and managerial competitiveness of rubber producer societies (RPS) and rubber marketing co-operative societies.
 *  Develop the required aptitude and managerial skills of the employees of the Board.
 *  Conduct International Training Programmes.

Demonstration Laboratories
The centre has two Demonstration Laboratories for demonstration of techniques in letter and dry rubber based products manufacture during Training Programmes.
Target groups
The major target groups identified for the training are listed under:
* Farmers
* Students
* Women
* Persons from North Eastern Region
* Rubber Producers’ Societies
* Rubber Processors
* Rubber Dealers
* Rubber Marketing Societies
* Rubber Products Manufacturers
* Quality Control Managers
* Entrepreneurs
* Exporters
* Scheduled caste and Scheduled tribe
* Overseas Participants
* Employees of the Rubber Board

Training packages identified for the clients
The Institute organizes the following training programmes

Rubber Plantation Development Programmes
• Short term training on rubber cultivation for small growers
• Short term training on rubber cultivation for estate sector
• Short term training on rubber cultivation for gowers from NE/NT regions
• Advanced training on rubber cultivation and rubber plantation management
• Specialized training on rubber plantation management

Rubber Processing and Quality Improvement Programmes
• Short term training on rubber processing and quality control
• Training on sheet rubber preparation and grading
• Specialized training on processing of block rubber/cenex
• Training on total quality management and ISO 9000 quality system
• Training on effluent treatment and pollution control

Rubber Industrial Development Programmes
• Short term training on latex goods manufacture and testing
• Short term training on dry rubber goods manufacture
• Advanced training on rubber products development and manufacture
• Specialized training on testing and quality control of rubber and rubber products
• Specialized training on latex and dry rubber products
• Entrepreneur development programme

Training Programmes for Students
• Short term training on rubber products manufacture and testing
• Training in rubber technology for B.Tech. students
• Training in rubber technology for M.Tech. students
• Short term training on rubber cultivation and plantation management
• Specialised training in rubber technology for students
• Specialized training in rubber technology for PG diploma students

Market and Export Development Programmes
• Short term training on marketing export management
• Training on export management

Leadership Development Programmes for RPS
• Training for Director Board members of RPS
• Training for RPS members on business management skills

General Training Programmes

• Training on beekeeping in rubber plantations
• Training on mushroom culture
• Training on spraying and maintenance of sprayers
• Training on biogas generation from effluents
• Training on latex harvest technology
• Training on nursery management
• Training on pest and disease control
• Training on budding techniques in rubber
• Training on modern clones
• Training on rubber wood processing, furniture making and quality control
• Training on Root Trainer plants
• Training on clone identification
• Training on rainguarding
• Training on low frequency and controlled upward tapping
• Training on manuring in rubber
• Training on lining, pitting, terracing and planting
• Training on intercropping in rubber
• Training on planting and up-keep

Out Station Training Programmes
• Training at RPS centres
• Training for SC/ST women
• Orientation training on rubber based industry
• Training on quality control of different marketable forms of NR and other topics

Visit Cum Training Programmes
• Sastradarshan
• Trainees of TT School

International Training Programmes
• Advanced training on rubber cultivation and plantation management
• Advanced training on rubber products manufacture and testing

The institute prepares Annual Training Calendar every year and programmes are conducted as per the Training Calendar. Copies of the Calendar are made available on request.

All need based trainings are scheduled on convenient dates as per request.

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