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Registration Cum- Membership Certificate (RCMC)

Registration Cum- Membership Certificate (RCMC):
Rubber Board has been designated as the Export Promotion Council (EPC) to issue RCMC in the case of export of Natural Rubber. An Exporter may, on application, register and become member of an EPC. Given the membership, the applicant shall be granted
forthwith Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) of the EPC concerned. Only registered exporters having valid RCMC will qualify for the benefits provided in the current Exim Policy.

Terms and Conditions for issue of Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC):

Registering authority for export of raw Natural Rubber is the Rubber Board and all intending exporters of NR may obtain RCMC from the Board. For being eligible for issue of RCMC, the applicant has to fulfil the following conditions.

1. The applicant should be an owner of a registered rubber plantation or a licensed rubber dealer/rubber processor.
2. The applicant should possess valid Import and Export (IE) Code Number.

Application in the prescribed form neatly typed in should be supported with the following documents:

1. A copy of IE Code No. duly attested by a competent authority.
2. Bank Certificate in support of financial soundness of the applicant. It should be sealed in a cover addressed by the issuing bank to the Director (T&TC), Rubber Board.
3. Statement of internal sales turnover of NR for the last three years duly attested by a Chartered Accountant. Export if any, in previous years should also be noted.
4. Copy of the Export Orders if any, obtained so far. For renewal, furnish details of export made in the previous years.
5. Copy of Dealers/Processors Licence or Certificate of registration of estate issued by the Rubber Board.
6. In the case of Companies registered under the Companies Act, a copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association. If alterations are made in these documents, a certificate proving the alterations should also be enclosed.
7. In the case of Partnership, a copy of Deed should be enclosed.
8. All registered exporters shall submit monthly statement of export. The return for each month should be sent to the Director (T & TC), Rubber Board, Kottayam-9 so as to reach him on or before 5th of the succeeding month. The exporter shall submit a NIL statement for any period for which there are no particulars to be furnished in the statement.
9. For renewal of RCMC the existing RCMC shall be surrendered with the renewal application which can be had on request form the issuing office.
10.No fee is required for registration as an exporter of NR.

Theapplication form (in PDF format)

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