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Manufacturers License

A person desirous of manufacturing any article using rubber has to obtain a licence in form 'E' from the Rubber Board. This licence is issued for acquiring a specific quantity of rubber and has to be renewed every year. For obtaining the licence, one has to apply to the Board in form 'D' along with the details required to be furnished and remit the prescribed licence fee at the following rates'
Particulars.Rate of licence fee (Rs.)
  1. If the anticipated requirement of rubber in an year does not exceed 4 MT
118.00 (100.00+18% GST)
  • If the anticipated requirement of rubber exceeds 4 MT in a year
    1. 295.00 (250.00+18% GST)

      If the manufacturer wants to continue his manufacturing operation he should apply for renewal of licence for which the application in the prescribed form and licence fee have to be sent and also should clear all statutory obligations of the Board, like submission of returns / reports and remittance of cess on rubber. The manufacturer's licence is issued from the ExciseDuty division of Board's office at Kottayam.

      See the Circular for exisitng licensees
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