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Processors License

Applicants who want to acquire rubber for processing or to sell the rubber so acquired after processing or otherwise, shall apply for a licence in form 'B1'. Every application should be accompanied by an affidavit in the prescribed form and copy of the project report. Besides, a sum of Rs.885.00 towards licence fee for three years @Rs. 295.00/-p.a.(Rs. 250 + GST 18%)per year has to be remitted. The remittance can be made either by demand draft or by money order or as online transfer. Demand draft should be drawn in favour of The Deputy Director (L), Rubber Board, payable at Kottayam.

The Board may issue a licence in form 'C1' if it is satisfied with regard to the following matters;

1. Suitability of the applicant
2. Suitability of the site selected
3. Availability of raw materials
4. Availability of technical know how
5. Arrangements made for technical specifications, and
6. Economic feasibility

The licence has to be renewed well before the expiry of the validity if the processor wants to continue his business. For this purpose, application in the prescribed form along with the requisite licence fee of Rs.1475/- for five years @Rs.295/- per annum has to be submitted. Board renews licence for a consecutive period of five years.

The dealer and processor's licences are issued from the Licensing Division at the Board's Head Office at Kottayam - 686002.

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