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Rubber Processing and Market Development Division

  1. Export quality inspections of sheet rubber, and issue of quality certificates for export of RSS grades.
  2. Works related to quality improvement, quality control and grading of RSS grades.
  3. Site inspections for issue of P-licences to processing units such as block rubber, centrifuged latex, creamed latex, etc.
  4. Nomination of officers of the Board to the Board of Directors of Co-operatives.
  5. Co-ordinating and conducting various types of market studies and studies with respect to processing, quality control, requirement of different types/grades of NR by consuming industry.
  6. Scheme for providing financial assistance to large estates for setting up / modernization of facilities for making RSS grades.
  7. Implementing the following schemes for financial assistance to Co-operatives and companies jointly promoted by RPSs, and the Board:

    1. 5% interest subsidy to RPS trading and processing companies.
    2. Financial assistance to RPS trading and processing cos. for procurement of computer and accessories.
    3. Grant-in-lieu of shares to RPS cos./co-operatives.
    4. Providing grant/working capital loans to co-operatives, RPS trading and processing cos.

  8. Organising training programmes and extension activities in the area of sheet rubber processing for growers, RPSs, RPS Cos., Co-operatives and others for quality upgradation.
  9. Providing training in grading and grading support to exporters and others.
  10. Providing technical assistance to rubber processing and trading Cos. for latex and sheet collection.
  11. R& D scheme on de-humidified godown ( at M/s.Manimalayar Rubbers Ltd.) for storage of natural rubber.
  12. Undertake research work, in collaboration with Factory Management Division, in production of TSR and other forms of processed rubber and for developing tailor -made rubbers.

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