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Engineering & Processing Division

The unit was established in 1977 as Department of Rubber Processing mainly for providing engineering and technical services to the block rubber factories established under the World Bank Assisted Kerala Agricultural Development Project (KADP). The activities have subsequently expanded to cover new areas and later re-designated as Processing & Product Development Department, headed by Director (P&PD).
In continuation to office norder vide ref. 3/23/2017/EST dated 02.05.2017, the Processing & Product Development Department is now reroganised as Engineering and Processing Division with effect from 02.05.2017 headed by Director(P&PD).
The new Division has now four sections: Engineering (including a Rubber Wood Testing Laboratory), Factory Management, Rubber Processing & Market Development, and Maintenance.
Sections functioning under Engineering and Processing division
  • Engineering
  • Factory Management
  • Rubber Processing and Market Development
  • Maintenance

Sub Topics
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