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Scientific/Senior Personnel


James Jacob, M.Sc., Ph.D., DIC, Ph.D.Director of Research
Joint Director (Project Monitoring)
Kavitha K. Mydin, M.Sc. (Ag), Ph.DJoint Director (Crop Improvement)
K. Tharian George, M.A., Ph.DJoint Director (Economics Research)
*Joint Director (Rubber Technology)
R. Krishnakumar, M.Sc., Ph.DJoint Director (Crop Physiology)
K. U. Thomas, M.Sc., Ph.DJoint Director (LHT)
Sabu P. Idicula, M.Sc.Joint Director (Crop Protection)
Project Coordinator(NE)

Agronomy and soils

M. D. Jessy, M.Sc. (Ag), Ph.DDy. Director (Agronomy)
Mercykutty Joseph, M.Sc. (Ag), Ph.D.Senior Scientist (AC)
V. K. Syamala, M.Sc.Ph.DSenior Scientist(Soils)
*Soil Chemist (Scientist D)
*Soil Chemist (Scientist C)
P.M. Mathews, M.Sc.(Ag), Ph.DScientist B
Joshua Abraham, M.Sc., Ph.DScientist C
Sherin George, M.Sc. (Ag), Ph.DScientist C
Annie Philip, M.ScScientist C
A. Ulaganathan, M.Sc.Scientist B
*Scientist C
P. Prasannakumari, M.Sc., Ph.DScientist B
K.K. Ambily, M.Sc.Scientist B
Phebe Joseph, M.Sc. (Ag)Scientist B
Pradeep B, M.Sc.Scientist A


A. Thulaseedharan, M.Sc., Ph.DDeputy Director(Scientist D)
S. Sushamakumari, M.Sc., Ph.DSenior Scientist
P. Kumari Jayasree, M.Sc.Scientist C
R.G. Kala, M.Sc.Scientist C
R. Jayasree, M.Sc.Scientist C
K. Rekha, M.Sc. (Ag)Scientist B
S. Sobha, M.Sc., Ph.DScientist B

Genome Analysis

Thakurdas Saha, M.Sc., Ph.DSenior Scientist (GA)
K. U. Thomas, M.Sc.Scientist A
Anantharamanan R., M.Sc.Scientist A


*Dy. Director
C. Narayanan, M.Sc., Ph.DSenior Scientist
B. Mohammed Sathik, M.Sc., Ph.DSenior Scientist
*Scientist C
Vinoth Thomas, M.Sc., Ph.DScientist C
Meenakumari, M.Sc., Ph.DScientist B
T. Girish, M.Sc., Ph.DScientist B
M. J. Reju, M.Sc.Scientist B
Thomson Abraham, M.Sc.Scientist A


C.P. Reghu, M.Sc., Ph.D.Dy. Director
G. Prabhakara Rao, M.Sc. (Ag)Botanist ( Scientist C )
Jayasree Madhavan, M.Sc.(Ag), Ph.DScientist C
M.A. Mercy, M.Sc. (Ag), Ph.DScientist C

Plant Pathology

Jacob Mathew, M.Sc., Ph.D.Deputy Director
Annakutty Joseph, M.Sc., Ph.DSenior Scientist
C. Bindu Roy, M.Sc., Ph.DSenior Scientist
S. Thankamony, M.Sc.,Ph.DScientist C
Kochuthresiamma Joseph, M.Sc., Ph.DScientist C
T. Shailajadevi, M.Sc.Agrometeorologist Scientist C
Shaji Philip, M.Sc., Ph.DScientistC (Mol. Plant Pathology)
E. Edwin Prem, M.Sc.(Ag)Scientist B
*Scientist B

Plant Physiology / LHT

K. Annamalainathan, M.Sc., Ph.DDeputy Director
S. Sreelatha, M.Sc., Ph.DSr. Scientist
Molly Thomas, M.Sc., Ph.D.Sr. Scientist
R. Rajagopal, M.Sc., Ph.DSr. Scientist
D.Bhuvanendran Nair, M.Sc., Ph.DPlant Physiologist (Scientist C)
K. Karunaichamy, M.Sc., Ph.DScientist C
Jayasree Gopalakrishnan, M.Sc., M.PhilScientist C
Jayanta Sarkar, M.Sc.(Ag), Ph.DScientist B
K.V. Sumesh, M.Sc.(Ag), Ph.DScientist A
Jayasooryan, M.Sc.Scientist A

Rubber Technology

Rosamma Alex, M.Tech., Ph.D Deputy Director
Jacob K Varkey, M.Sc.,M.Tech.,  Ph.DSenior Scientist
Benny George,M.Sc., Ph.D Senior Scientist
K.N. Madhusoodanan, M.Sc. Rubber Chemist (Scientist C )
Manoj Kurian Jacob, M.Sc.Scientist A

Technical Consultancy

Siby Varghese, M.Sc.,Ph.D Deputy Director
Mohandas K S M.Sc.,M.TechScientist B

Agricultural Economics

Toms Joseph, M.A. Dy. Director
Binni Chandy, M.A., Scientist C
S. Veeraputhran, M.A., M. PhilScientist B
Siju T., M.Sc.(Ag.), M. PhilScientist B
Joby Joseph M.AScientist B


Sadeesh Babu P SScientist C

Agricultural Statistics

Aneesh P.,M.Sc. (Stat),PGDCAAsst. Statistician

Library and Documentation Centre

Latha N,M.Sc,MLIScDocumentation Officer
A.S. Ajitha,MA,MLIScSenior Librarian


Thomas Baby, M.Sc., Ph.DDy. Director(Instrumentation Engg.)

Computer Centre

B. Biju, M.Sc., MCA Assistant Director (Systems)



Vijayappan PV., Dip.(Civil)Estate Officer


K. Raveendran Nair,  MCJDy. Secretary (Admn)
P.V Raveendran NairAsst. Secretary
G. AsokanAsst. Secretary


CA. Zachariah Kurian M.Com, FCADy. Director(Finance)
Pushpakumari R., M.Sc. ICWAAccounts Officer

Central Experiment Station, Chethackal

Mallinath Priyadarshan, M.Sc(Ag.), Ph.D.Dy. Director
Joseph JosephAsst. Director(Finance)

Regional Research Station, Agartala

Sushil Kumar Dey, M.Sc., Ph.D Deputy Director (Scientist D)
*Plant Breeder (Scientist C)
*Scientist C
Debasis Mandal, M.Sc. Scientist B
*Scientist C
Debabrata Ray, M.Sc.(Ag)Scientist B
Bhaskar Datta, M.Sc.(Ag)Scientist A
*Scientist B
Gaurav Sharma M.Sc.(Ag.), Ph.DScientist A

Regional Research Station, Padiyoor

Radha Lakshmanan, M.Sc.(Ag), Ph.D Senior Scientist

Regional Research Station, Guwahati

Gitali Das, M.Sc., Ph.D Dy. Director(RS)
G. C. Mandal, M.Sc., Ph.D Plant Pathologist (Scientist C)
H. K. Deka, M.Sc.,Ph.D Scientist C
Mrinal Chowdhury, M.Sc.(Ag), Ph.DScientist B
Ashithraj N., M.Sc.(Ag) Scientist A

Regional Research Station, Tura, Meghalaya

*Deputy Director
Ramphool Singh, M.Sc(Ag), Ph.DScientist B
*Scientist B
Umesh Chandra, M.Sc(Ag)Scientist A

Regional Research Station, Nagrakatta, West Bengal

*Scientist A
Sandeep Kumar M.Sc., Ph.DScientist A

Regional Research Station, Dapchari, Maharashtra

Meena Singh M.Sc.,Ph.D Plant Physiologist (Scientist C)
S. Ravichandran, M.Sc.(Ag)Scientist A

Regional Research Station, Dhenkanal, Orissa

Bal Krishan M.Sc.,Ph.D Scientist C
*Scientist A

Hevea Breeding Substation, Nettana, Karnataka

Deepthy Antony P., M.Sc.(Ag)Senior Scientist (EXP. Stations)
*Scientist B

Hevea Breeding Substation, Paraliar, TamilNadu

T.A. Soman, M.Sc.,Ph.D Scientist C
M.Suryakumar, M.Sc(Ag)Scientist B

Regional Soil Testing Laboratory, Adoor, Kerala

Thomas Eapen, M.Sc. Scientist B

Regional Soil Testing Laboratory, Calicut, Kerala

Joyce Cyriac, M.Sc. Scientist B
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