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Legislative Enactments on Rubber

As noted above, a consideration of the post war natural rubber scenario prompted the Government of India to pass the Rubber (Production and Marketing) Act, 1947 to provide for the overall promotion and development of the sector under its guidance and control. As envisaged in the Act, the Indian Rubber Board was set up as the statutory organisation responsible for assisting the government in implementation of the various provisions of the Act. The Act which came into force on April 18, 1947 has since undergone many amendments.

The Rubber production and Marketing (Amendment) Act of 1954 which took effect on August 1, 1954 made some important changes in the constitution of the Board now renamed as The Rubber Board. It clearly defined the role of the Board in the development of the industry and in formulating and implementing necessary research and development programmes. This was followed by notification of the Rubber Rules, 1955 laying down guidelines for the Board to follow in carrying out the purposes of the Act. The Rules have been subjected to need based amendments from time to time.

The Rubber (Amendment) Act of 1960 made certain alterations in the rate and procedure of collection of cess on rubber. The Rubber (Amendment) Act of 1982 provided for the Central Government to appoint a part time or whole time Chairman for the Board and, if necessary, an Executive Director for exercising such powers and performing such duties as may be prescribed or delegated to him by the Chairman. The 1994 Amendment refixed the maximum rate of cess that can be levied on rubber.

By amendment 2009, the Board shall implement standards for quality, marking, labelling and packing for various marketable forms of rubber, for the rubber produced or processed in, imported into or exported from, India.
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