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Vigilance Division

We take pride in affirming that the Rubber Board attaches high importance to its Vigilance activities. The Vigilance Division of Rubber Board is the nodal division for handling all vigilance matters of the Rubber Board. It believes that with best practices, adequate controls and transparency, the decisions taken will be professionally, efficiently, effectively and consistently, leading to the corporate excellence.

  • Minimize corruption, malpractices, and indiscipline among the employees
  • Institute measures for preventive and predictive vigilance.
  • Suggestions/recommendations to the management to develop systems and procedures
  • Help employees to take transparent and effective decisions.
  • Bring out change in work culture and work ethicsCreate vigilance awareness amongst the employees and stake holders
  • Help to develop transparency and minimize discretionary powersPropagating the culture of lodging of complaints under the Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informers’ Resolution (PIDPR-popularly known as Whistle Blowers’ Resolution), whereby the identity of the complainant would be kept secret and he/she would be protected from victimization
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