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Market Promotion Division

The Market Promotion Department functions under the direct control of the Chairman. The different cells of the Department and their functions are:

Market Intelligence Cell

  1. Collection, compilation and dissemination of natural rubber prices. This includes the daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and yearly prices of various grades of natural rubber in the domestic as well as in the international market. The price data is disseminated through print and visual media.  In addition, it is made available to the public by Rubber Board website and Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). IVRS No. is 0481-2571232.
  2. Providing sales and marketing support to companies promoted/assisted by the Rubber Board.
  3. Conducting market surveys and market analysis
  4. Publication of the Directory of Rubber Goods Manufacturers in India.

Export Promotion Cell

  1.  Issue of Registration-cum-Membership Certificate.  Rubber Board is the designated Export Promotion Council for natural rubber.  As per the provisions of the Foreign Trade Policy, exporters should have a valid Registration-cum-Membership Certificate issued by the Export Promotion Council relating to his main line of business.  Accordingly, all intending exporters of natural rubber have to obtain the certificate by registering with the Rubber Board.  Rubber Board also issues Certificate of Origin (COO) for export of natural rubber.
  2.  Provides financial assistance to exporters for preparing natural rubber into exportable form.
  3.  Provides market information on different forms of natural rubber in the target countries.
  4. Conduct training programmes in export management and procedures.
  5.  Undertakes export promotional activities of NR by participating in international trade fairs and exhibitions and provides international publicity to Indian rubber.
  6.  Participation in domestic fairs organised by various institutions/ bodies related to rubber.
  7.  Preparation of publicity materials and PoPs of Quality Standards.
  8.  Facilitates on-line information and administering the website:
  9.  Sponsor trade delegations and organises buyer-seller meets.
  10.  Publishes importers’ and exporters’ directories.

Domestic Promotion Cell

  1. Monitoring the import of natural rubber into the country.
  2.  Rendering marketing assistance to Rubber Board Companies/ Rubber Producer’s Societies.

  The Department function in the Central Laboratory Building at RRII Campus under the Dy. Director.   

  Market Promotion Department
  1st Floor, Central Laboratory Building
  RRII Campus, Rubber Board
  Kottayam – 686 009
  Phone: 0481-3202506, 2353790, 2353311
  Fax: 0481-2353790

                            Dy. Director:
                            Market Research Officer:
                            Marketing Officer:

Marketing & Export Services

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