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Rubber Production Department

The Department headed by the Rubber Production Commissioner is responsible for planning, formulation and implementation of schemes for improvement and expansion of rubber cultivation and production. Extension/advisory service, supplies of inputs, demonstration and training for small growers etc. are also undertaken by the RP Department.

The important development schemes and activities undertaken through the Department are the following:

  1. Rubber Plantation Development Scheme.
  2. Production and distribution of improved planting materials.
  3. Advisory and extension services to growers.
  4. Demonstration of scientific planting and production.
  5. Supplies of equipment and materials requiring popularisation.
  6. Identification of non-traditional areas suitable for rubber and planning and undertaking  activities for its promotion in such areas.
                   Schemes for productivity enhancement in small holdings
  7. Schemes for improvement of quality of small holder rubber.
                   Schemes for extra income generation form rubber plantations - Apiculture
  8. Block planting, group planting etc. for promotion of rubber among scheduled caste/scheduled tribe members.
  9. Promotion of activities of voluntary associations (Rubber Producers' Societies) and self help groups among small growers.
  10. Training of tappers.
The central office of the Department functions at the Board's central office in Kottayam. The field services are rendered through Zonal/Regional offices and Field Offices. Other establishments are nurseries, demonstration and training centres and tappers’ training schools.

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