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Finance and Accounts (F&A) Department

1. Divisions:

The F&A Department headed by the Director (Finance) has the following divisions:

  1. Finance and Accounts Division (Administration)
  2. Finance and Accounts Division (Rubber Production)
  3. Finance and Accounts Division (Research)
  4. Finance and Accounts Division (P&PD)
  5. Finance and Accounts Division (Training)
  6. Finance and Accounts Division (MTSR)
  7. Finance and Accounts Division (CESC)
  8. Central Finance and Accounts Division
  9. Cost Accounts Division
  10. Internal Audit Division
  11. Accounts Divisions in Regional Offices

2. Duties and responsibilities:

The Finance & Accounts Department has the following duties and responsibilities.

a) Preparation of Annual Budget, Performance Budget, etc.
b) Review and Revision of budget under Zero Based Budgeting and exercising budgetary control.
c) Maintenance of the accounts of the Board, preparation of Annual Accounts and Balance Sheet, presentation of accounts for audit to Principal Director, Commercial Audit, Chennai and submission of accounts to the Board/ Ministry/ Parliament.
d) Placing demands for grant from Govt. from time to time, receiving funds from Government and ensuring its optimum utilization.
e) Advising on financial propriety and regularity of transactions and regulating payments.
f) Assisting the Cost Accounts Branch of the Ministry of Finance in ascertaining the cost of production and in fixing price of Natural Rubber.
g) Preparation of financial statements for project reports and schemes.
h) Dealing with Central Income Tax, Agricultural Income Tax, Service Tax and Sales Tax matters relating to the activities of the Board.
i) Co-ordinating the activities of the companies jointly promoted by the Rubber Board and RPS.
j) Drawal and disbursement of pay and other entitlements of the employees of the Board based on the orders issued by Govt. of India from time to time. l) Conducting the Internal audit of the offices and activities of the Board.

3. The budget Sanctioned and Expenditure:

The requirement of funds of the Board is met out of the Rubber Development Fund created under Section 9 of the Rubber Act, 1947. The Rubber Development Fund is financed by an appropriation from the Consolidated Fund of India vide Section 12(7) of the Rubber Act.

The Budget Sanction, Expenditure for the year 2013-14 under Plan and Non-Plan and budget sanction for the year 2014-15 are given below:
(Rs. in Crore)
Sl No. Head of Account BS 2013-14 Expenditure 2013-14 BS 2014-15
1 Plan Schemes 157.08 161.03 160.01
2 Non-Plan Schemes 50.00 52.41 50.00
Total 207.08 213.44 210.01
3. Internal and External Budgetary Resources:

The Board has the following internal and extra budgetary resources:
(Rs. in Crore)Sl No. Head of Account Actual 2013-14 Expected 2014-15
1 Plan IEBR 6.70 6.00
2 Non-Plan IEBR 19.42 20.00
Total 26.12 26.00

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