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Training Department

Since its inception in 1947, the Rubber Board had been developing expertise required for the orderly developments of the Indian rubber industry through R&D activities and constant interaction with the clients. The Rubber Industry, which consists of rubber plantation, rubber processing and rubber product manufacturing sectors has to be properly groomed to face challenges of the millennium. The Rubber Board has the experience and expertise necessary for giving proper advice to the rubber growers, rubber processors and rubber product manufacturers for practising modern scientific and cost effective techniques in the respective areas. In addition to the training to the clients, training is given to the employees of the Board for updating their technical and managerial skills.

The Rubber Training Institute (RTI), established with the financial assistance of the World Bank, at Kottayam aims to meet the growing training needs of the rubber sectors in the country.

The Division with its own small core faculty imparts specialised training in various aspects with a view to making available trained manpower required for the plantation and manufacturing sectors. Guest faculty from other departments of the Board as well as from external sources are invited from time to time for imparting specialised training. The training courses are conducted mainly at the Departmentís Training Centre.  Depending upon requirements, courses are also held at outside venues.

The centre aims to achieve the following objectives.

* Update the technical and managerial competitiveness of rubber growers and rubber plantation workers

* Impart suitable training to rubber processors and rubber products manufacturers so as to achieve better quality and competitiveness

* Update the technical and managerial competitiveness of rubber producer societies (RPS) and rubber marketing co-operative societies

* Develop the required aptitude and managerial skills of the employees of the Board

* Conduct International Training Programmes


The Rubber Training Centre is located near Puthuppally, 8 k.m. east of Kottayam adjacent to Rubber Research Institute of India. The Training Centre is housed in a building of 37,000 sq ft including five lecture halls with modern amenities. In addition to this there is a Library, Museum, Auditorium and a hostel for accommodating 25 participants.

Faculty Bank: In addition to the core faculty at the center, about 125 senior scientists/officers of the Rubber Board specialized in various fields of rubber cultivation and industrial applications of rubber are also taking classes for the Training Programmes.  The centre maintains faculty bank comprising of faculties from internal and external sources in various disciplines.

Demonstration Laboratories:  The centre is also having two Demonstration Laboratories for demonstration of techniques in rubber processing & products manufacture during Training Programmes.

Target groups

The major target groups identified for the training are listed under:

* Farmers
* Managers/Superintendents
* Rubber Producers Societies
* Rubber Marketing Societies
* Rubber Dealers
* Rubber Processors
* Rubber and Rubber Products Exporters
* Rubber Products Manufacturers
* Entrepreneurs from Rubber Based Industry
* Rubberwood Processors and Exporters
* Production Managers
* Quality Control Managers
* Women
* Academic Students
* Employees of the Board
* Overseas Participants

Training packages identified for the clients

The centre organizes the following training programmes

Programmes for Rubber Plantation Sector
* Training course on rubber cultivation and estate management
* Short-term training course on rubber cultivation
* One day training programmes for improving rubber cultivation.

Programmes for Rubber Industrial Sector
* Training on rubber processing and quality control
* One-day training programme on sheet rubber grading
* Training course on processing of technically specified rubber and speciality rubber
* Short-term training on latex goods manufacturing
* Short-term training on dry rubber goods manufacturing
* Training on testing, quality control and waste minimisation in rubber products manufacturing
* Training on ISO 9000 quality systems for raw rubber and rubber products
* Productwise training on latex and dry rubber products
* Training for university students in rubber technology
* Other need based training programmes for the rubber industry

Management Development Programmes
* Short-term training on plantation management
* Short-term training on marketing management
* Short-term training on production management
* Training on export management

General Training Programmes
* Training on beekeeping in rubber plantation
* Training on mushroom culture
* Training on pollution control
* Pollution control in rubber processing/products manufacture
* Training on bio-gas generation from effluents from rubber processing units
* Training on environment management
* Training on pollution control and solids waste management in rubber wood processing
* Training on taxes, duty structure and pricing of rubber.

Decentralised Training
* Training for RPS members
* Training for women

International Training Programmes
* Advanced training on rubber cultivation and plantation management
* Advanced training on rubber products manufacture and product development
* Training of trainers

Visits cum Training - Sastradarsan Programmes for farmers & other organizations

The centre prepares Annual Training Calendar every year and programmes are conducted as per the Training Calendar and copies are made available on request.

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