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The Rubber Board functions under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry of the Government of India. The Board has a Chairman appointed by the Central Government. He is the principal executive officer responsible for the proper functioning of the Board and implementation of its decisions and discharge of its duties under the Rubber Act.

The Board shall consist of

a)a Chairman to be appointed by the Central Government
b) two members to represent the State of Tamil Nadu, one of whom shall be a person representing rubber-producing interests
c) eight members to represent the State of Kerala, six of whom shall be persons representing the rubber producing interests,
three of such six being persons representing the small growers;
d) ten members to be nominated by the Central Government,
of whom two shall represent the manufacturers and four labour;
(da) three members to be nominated by the Central Government of whom two shall be from
the Department of Commerce and one from the Department of Agriculture and Co-operation
e) three members of Parliament of whom two shall be elected by the House of People and one by the Council of States;

(ee) the Executive Director, ex-officio (Amended by The Rubber (Amendment) Act, 1982(Act 54 of 1982)) and
f)The Rubber Production Commissioner, ex-officio.

One of the members is elected as Vice-Chairman on an annual basis. The Board meets periodically for transacting business.

The committees are formed to scrutinise various matters and make recommendation to the Board. Besides the Executive Committee and the Research and Development Committee (statutory committees) the Board has five other committees viz.

  1. Planting Committee
  2. Statistics and Import/Export Committee
  3. Market Development Committee
  4. Labour Welfare Committee and
  5. Staff Affairs Committee.
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