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  Genesis of the Rubber Board
  Legislative Enactments on Rubber
  Functions of the Rubber Board
  Structure of the Rubber Board and Membership
   Members of the Rubber Board
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  Click to CollapseThe Rubber Act, 1947
    THE RUBBER ACT, 1947
    2. Declaration as to expediency of Union Control
    3. Definitions
    4. Constitution of the Board
    5. Vacancies in the Board
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    7. Committees of the Board
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    9. Rubber Development Fund
    10. [omitted]
    11. Power to prohibit or control imports and exports Rubber
    12. Imposition of new rubber cess
    13. Power to fix maximum and minimum prices for sale of rubber
    14. Licensing of transactions in rubber
    15. Provisions regarding licences under section 14
    16. Restriction on possession of rubber
    17. Implementation of standards for quality, marking, etc. for rubber
    18. [omitted]
    19. Fees for special licences
    20. Submission of returns and maintenance of accounts
    21. Inspection of land and premises
    22. Control by the Central Government
    22A. Power of Central Government to issue direction to Board
    23. Appeal
    24. Accounts of the Board
    24A. Power to delegate
    25. Powers of Central Government to make rules
    25A. Power to make regulations
    26. Penalties
    26A. Compounding of offences
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    28. Bar of legal proceedings
    29. (Repealed)
  Subordinate Legislation
  Click to ExpandThe Rubber Rules, 1955
  Click to ExpandRight to Information Act
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